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The WhatsPrint Point is a business of various kinds of services (BookShops, Agency of Services, Bet's, Tobacco Shop, Copystery, etc.) that has applied to become WhatsPrintPoint and signed the relevant contracts to officials WhatsPrint. And that after this has been installed adevice of the catalog WhatsPrint. Of course the dealer will cost economically different (better) competition on the market. The point will be guaranteed an exclusive territory depending on the density of population. The WhatsPrint will bear the burden of advertise, sell and distribute the services provided by the network WhatsPrint and to be disbursed by WhatsPrint Point.


WhatsPrint Network
New Way To Print

WhatsPrint network also produces operators business in copy/printing services, giving them the possibility to endorse to particular and inexpensive conditions of rent all inclusive for some multifunction b/w and colours devices. These will be installed on net linked with WhatsPrint servers for data exchange in real time which will allow registered users who have credit to to use WhatsPrint in overall the world where multifunctions are installed. Naturally, the devices could also be used for printing services not reserved to WhatsPrint Net. So the shopkeeper can apply his own prices. this is a wonderful opportunity for traders, that thanks to the App they can download from Google Play Store, they will have general economies for copy services and they will realize that their profits and the inflow inside the shop will grow enormously.

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