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This main WhatsPrint division, with the eminence business role aid, offers development services and interfaces realization of electronic devices. It has the purpose to costumize the INPUT and the OUTPUT depending on the company requests. TELL US WHAT ARE YOUR REQUESTS AND WHATSPRINT INVENT


This is the “historical ” WhatsPrint service because it begun more than thirty years ago when the company patron , Giancarlo Cerroni ,started renting Xerox office machines to the first “knowledgeable ” costumers, “pioneer ” of the new marketing which proposed not more a product sell but a complete service cutting off all management problems machines. He proposed “all in ” contract .nowadays, also thanks to Cerroni, rent office machines has become a real “MUST ”


This sector is the real “trick of the trade”, the primary author of the national success of the Doc World Group that put the bases for the foundation of WhatsPrint company, real star of the of the printing international firmament. This is confirmed by the admission in the exclusive entourage of national “innovative start up”. Its technical division is the most prepared in all the country and it is a real safety for the customers that every day entrust their work to the multifunction machines and not rented from WhatsPrint srl.


The leading edge of the company is: the revolutionary and innovative idea of Giancarlo Cerroni internationally patented. This is the realization of a more than thirty years professional experience and of a constant attention to all custumers requests


WhatsPrint srl, thanks to its innovation capability, is supported by many multinational companies in printing sector.


“It is said that behind a great man there is a great woman. ” We think it is a wise expression because in a great company there are great collaborators. Well, WhatsPrint represents exactly this expression.