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WhatsPrint, thanks to an extended thirty years expertise and a thorough expertise in the field “OFFICE AUTOMATION” has created among its ranks a real “Dream Team” composed, besides eminences professional with proven experience in the sector, also by researchers specialized in the development of new hardware and software technologies, Developers experts in the new languages based on Wiring, JAVA, PHP, Android and IOS and qualified technicians trained by the most renowned brands of reprographic world.
This Team has as its end the development and production of applications, applications and interfaces HARDWARE SOFTWARE mostly acts / and to the implementation and customization of electronic equipments existing in commerce by using the new perceived needs of users and the market in continuous evolution (whether generic Company).
WhatsPrint is a company that aims to big manufacturers HARDWARE (especially reprographic) as an advocate of customized post-production of certain equipment with new features and networking provided by specific interfaces HARDWARE SOFTWARE and produced by WhatsPrint always will have an impact on market with a much greater user demand and in some cases (such as the Network WhatsPrint same) with a presumption of share sales by almost MONOPOLY.


The WhatsPrint circuit offers the opportunity to anyone who purchases a credit through this site and / or by the same name APP downloadable from Google Play Store, to take advantage of services of printing, scanning, etc. printshare at points of acceptance (WhatsPrint Point) located throughout the country in the super-competitive prices and fixed using as a means of identifying your Smartphone / Tablet without any passport or any other kind of card.
Once identified by the circuit WhatsPrint you also receive the services required at any of WhatsPrint Point until the total exhaustion of the credit. It is assumed that the credit will be at any time and quickly “recharged” by this website or its APP engaged with the circuit online payment PayPal.
The benefits for users are WhatsPrint macroscopic but they also want to highlight:

1) Cost of printing and scanning still fixed and the lower levels of the market also in small towns so easily reached and maybe already known and appreciated for the services provided. Printing at low prices WhatsPrint outside the same circuit would entail other costs for users moving up to the press centers very large and present only in large cities by reducing, in fact, then the economic benefits budgeted.

2) The ability to take advantage of the services provided by the network Whatsprint wherever an WhatsPrint Point. Even to 1000 km from home or office (soon even abroad) the user WhatsPrint that will need to use the services of the circuit WhatsPrint once questioned the site or the APP through WhatsPrint Locator will know where to go and you will have the certainty a uniform treatment and economies of printing the same way as the point located near your home.


The WhatsPrint network also promotes the business of the industry of copying and printing services enabling them to adhere to the particular and economic conditions of hire all inclusive for equipment Multifunction b / w and color. The same will be installed in the network, and connected with servers WhatsPrint with whom communicate in real time for data exchange that will allow users registered with credit WhatsPrint possible use anywhere in the world, has been installed in the same Multifunction Machines.
Naturaly, the equipment can also be used to serve and print services not reserved to the network WhatsPrint where the merchant is free to apply the prices of its line with the mark-ups it deems most appropriate
Given the many advantages of purchase of prepaid credit and its real big spread, thanks to the APP can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, including all categories of users is not necessary to underline the exceptional business opportunity inherent in accession, by operators industry copy-sevice, network WhatsPrint that not only will bring economies of management services reserved to the public but will increase dramatically within the walkability of acceptance and with it the profits of the store.

If you need furthermore info please contact us by email at: info@whatsprint.it or through contact form.

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